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Digital Business Strategy

Together we analyze your existing online footprint.

Based on extensive experience and research, I recommend the best strategy to spend your limited marketing dollars. This could be a refreshed website, social media presence, social campaigns, blogs, content, rebrand, or even printed materials.

If you require assistance to execute the strategy, I provide referrals to my trusted and capable colleagues in the digital marketing space.

It’s worth spending a small amount with me before you spend a big amount with the wrong digital strategy.

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Online Revenue Channels

Have an existing service-based or brick/mortar business and would like to add online sources of revenue. We consider the different ways your business can take advantage of e-commerce, be it sell a product/service online, ebooks, courses, affiliate marketing, etc.

Once established, e-commerce allows your business to increase your customer reach and your bottom line.

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How Do I Start An Online Business

Especially for mid-life professionals and creatives transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship and business ownership, with an emphasis on time and location freedom. Build an online business suited to your interests and experience. Career and life planning with a mentoring approach.

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Live and Work Abroad

Can you take your job or expertise anywhere with a laptop? Dream of living in another part of the world? It’s easier and easier to live anywhere you want while working online, be it for an employer or in your own business!

We got through a multi-point checklist of considerations when leaving the comforts of Canada for a year or life of travelling and living abroad. We discuss the length of travel, visas, income strategy, insurance, personal property, routine, getting around, pets, cell phones and internet access, and much more.

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